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My name is Susan, and I’ve been a Baptist now for a little over five years.  If you want to read about why I became a Baptist, a choice I made that truly would have confused by my parents, you can check out my other blog, Singing Along the Journey.

Why a second blog?  Well, this Baptist is about to go on a two year adventure — in August 2012 I begin a two year program of study at the Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, VA.  But wait, you say (because you are all in the know), that is not a Baptist seminary.  And about that you are correct.  For a lot of reasons that will probably become clear as you read about my adventures (or are already clear if you know me personally), there was little chance I would choose a Baptist seminary:  first, many still do not believe in the ordination of women; second, of the subgroup that do think that a woman is capable of preaching the Gospel, very few are progressive and inclusive enough for me to choose to spend two years of my spiritual life with them.

And so, I set out on a journey into a land steeped in history and formed by the theology and culture of the Episcopal Church.  I, a lone Baptist, with my Book of Common Prayer in my purse and the Baptist distinctives in my heart.   This blog is dedicated to that journey and all I may experience along the way.  I hope you find something interesting and maybe just a little inspirational here.

I expect interesting things to happen:  changes, growth, and, well, adventure.  Please, join me.  Come along on this ride of my life time.

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  1. Susan Smith

    Susan, I am a sister traveler on the Adam Pick site and am a part of the Patient Community. I have read your story and being a “born again” Christian, wanted to see where you were coming from and going to. I am so very pleased to know that you are on the other side of surgery and are finding your new legs in your new life. My spiritual background is Congregational, Methodist, Episcopal and then non-denominational. I am a reader of the Word and member of Woman’s Aglow. I have been a follower of Jesus for over 30 years and have found that life without the Trinity would be impossible. I am interested in hearing more about your quest,. I must confess that I am not a “progressive” and lean more on the “conservative” side of life. I have always believed that a woman should be able to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not just men. Are you familiar with Joyce Meyers Ministries? Enough. Waiting to hear back. Susan to Susan

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